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jadedcyniccafe's Journal

The Jaded Cynic Café
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Welcome to the Jaded Cynic Café, where spurned comic-book fans come together to predict the Apocalypse together. Here, everyone who's been walked on, forgotten, betrayed, abused or negatively affected by the pamphlets of sequential art we routinely buy can come and express their woes. There are but a few rules-

1. You must be at least a little pessimistic.
- You don't need to be a total pessimist, but please, this is the Jaded Cynic Café.

2. Please, type in a human language. L33t (hacker) and aLtErNaTiNg CApS are not human languages. Pig latin, however, is.
- If I get a single post that uses that infernal 'YAY!!!!111ONE!!1' exclamation, I will delete it on sight. Same goes 4 ne1 who's werds r 2 crappeh 2 stnad. Grammar and spelling are intrinsic to the human languages - USE THEM!

3. Respect fellow posters.
- This should be obvious. You may chide them for their pessimism, that's all in the name of fun. DO NOT discriminate against anyone, personally insult them or their associates, threaten them or their associates in a non-playful manner, or compare their intelligence to that of a small rock.

4. Respect people in general.
- Insult Austen's writing all you like (heck, I'll probably join in), but DO NOT post death threats, wish harm upon him, insult his intelligence or anything of that kind.

5. Post about comics.
- Comic-based movies and cartoons, as well as action figures, memorabilia and conventions like the ComiCon are also acceptable. Harry Potter is not acceptable.
- Comments may be off-topic, as long as the journals are comic-related.

I'm lisacharly and I will be your waitress. I may occasionally pop in as a different user, if I haven't switched from my RP journals. You'll recognize me by the Black Tom or Punchy avatar in those times. I'll try to avoid doing that.

The interests list includes things people are often pessimistic about. Please tell me if you think any should be added.

Jaded Cynic Café inspired by the wonderful Cain Marko and fantastic Soundwave.

I think that's all. Now, discussion over coffee?